Bring ESD Education to Your Organization!

Empowerment self-defense is an evidence-based violence prevention methodology that has been shown to not only decrease a person’s risk of being assaulted but to improve a person’s self-esteem and confidence, aid recovery from previous harm, and improve other aspects of one’s health. 

PowerUp Moves has been developed by an ESD university instructor and health coach who has seen how ESD instruction changes students’ health and strengthens communities.

Secondary Ed

Curriculum based on childhood development milestones.

Higher Ed

Campus safety, relationship dynamics: classmates, roommates and professors, workplace safety.

Young Professionals

Workplace, living alone, commuting, public places, dating apps.

Platinum Club

Online predators, door-to-door predators, assault, financial violence by known acquaintances.

PowerUp Your ESD Practice!

PowerUp Moves provides one on one sessions and group webinars to ESD professionals looking for continuing education classes and best business practices. 

Past popular topics include How to Maintain a Brave Space, Managing your Adrenal Stress Response, PadWork, Controlling Techniques, Ground Work, Spacing and Situational Awareness Games, Self-Defense and the Law and Best Business Practices.